• Thomas Peffer
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How do you wear a shirt on your shoulders every day? Or slip off and maybe not comfortable with that way of wearing. So let’s take a look at how to wear GU non-slip shoulder tops that have been synthesized with ways to dress up with beautiful shoulder-length dresses .
1.The way to wear a shirt with no shoulder is not lost
The easiest way is if you have a brooch on the bra so that they are fixed from slipping. But this way can reveal the un-aesthetic pinning, it is best for her to choose the ones with ruffles to cover the pins in the best way. Besides, loose hair makes you feel bouncy but not seductive to yourself.
Quite handy by anyone who does not have sticky tape, just take a piece of tape used exclusively for costumes, because if using ordinary adhesive tape does not guarantee the firm adhesive hold.
Take a piece of tape close to a glove, tap on the edge of the shirt to contact cockroaches with a chiffon blouse . If you are not sure, then you can take another paragraph to paste directly on the skin. In addition, this method is also applicable when you are dressed like a bra or two-string tops.
Use straps
In a way to prevent the shirt from slipping, you can use it, which is the strap on the bra attached to the back to help the body to be more fully embraced.
The way to do it is to use the straps of an old shirt, sewn on the white shoulders and become tangled, so when you wear, you will no longer drift or slip the shirt, creating a comfortable feeling without being restrictive.
Rubber bands and pins
There is a bit of fuss and alignment here when using elastic bands and safety pins, surely this method helps to keep the shirt from slipping no matter how you exercise.
Materials to be prepared include: 4 safety pins and 2 elastic bands.
First hook a rope into the two ends of the tape, then hook the two ends into the shoulders of the front and back (the inside of the shirt). Done left and right, you finally have a shirt that is like a strap attached to the shirt.
When wearing a shirt equipped with tools such as pins and elastic bands, helping your shirt to be held close to the arm will be more confident at first did not have the right pin.